Legislative Reference Bureau

         About the Legislative Reference Bureau


The Legislative Reference Bureau (“LRB”) performs a variety of functions for members of the Chicago City Council under the supervision and direction of the President Pro Tempore, Alderman Brendan Reilly.

Upon request by Aldermen or their staff, the LRB drafts ordinances and resolutions, conducts legal research, and provides policy counsel for all Aldermen. Aldermen may submit requests to the LRB for the following services, which will be handled in an unbiased, confidential manner:
  • Drafting, editing, and reviewing municipal legislation, including ordinances, orders, and resolutions
  • Advising Aldermen on legal considerations affecting proposed ordinances such as constitutionality, home rule preemption, and potential challenges
  • Researching, compiling, and summarizing legislation in other jurisdictions
  • Analyzing complex legal and policy issues to produce concrete legislative recommendations
  • Conducting legislative research, including identifying legislation, rules, and guidelines that may relate to a pending ordinance, compiling reports and findings of external interest groups, and locating potentially relevant formerly proposed and existing laws in the Chicago Municipal Code
  • Coordinating with Department and Agency liaisons and staff of the State of Illinois and other municipalities, as applicable
  • Aiding in the understanding of legislative processes and statutory research in the City of Chicago
  • Providing guidance regarding the Local Records Act, Open Meetings Act, and the Freedom of Information Act
  • Conducting trainings, briefings, and seminars for Aldermen and staff