About the Legislative Reference Bureau

The Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB) performs a wide range of functions for members of the Chicago City Council, City Council Committees, and Aldermanic Staff.

  • Assistance in drafting municipal legislation


  • Exploring legislation in other jurisdictions pertinent to legislation in Chicago


  • Legislative research, including identifying state legislation that may relate to a pending ordinance, compiling reports of findings of external interest groups, and locating former or existing laws in the Chicago Municipal Code


  • Consulting and expertise in the Chicago Municipal Code,  Chicago Agency guidelines and legal issues regarding public policy questions


  • Aids understanding legislative and statutory research in the City of Chicago


  • Writing and editing of ceremonial resolutions


  • Answering questions about record retention and the Freedom of Information Act


  • Overseeing the Aldermanic intern program and conducting training sessions, briefings and seminars upon the request of Council members

City Council Members and their staff are encouraged to contact the LRB.