About Alderman Margaret Laurino, 39th Ward






A lifelong resident of the 39th Ward, Margaret Laurino's has served as Alderman since 1994, and won re-election four times. She currently serves as President Pro Tempore of the City Council and oversees the Council’s Legislative Reference Bureau.  In her previous roles as Chairman of the City Council Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety, and as Chairman of the Committee on Economic, Capital and Technology Development, Alderman Laurino has earned a reputation as a thoughtful leader on city issues. Her key citywide initiatives include:

  • Introduced legislation to video stream Chicago City Council meetings.
  • Wrote the TIF Sunshine Ordinance requiring the Department of Housing and Economic Development to post detailed information about each of the city's tax increment finance districts on the City of Chicago's website.
  • Passed legislation which banned texting and talking on a cell phone without a hands free device while biking
  • Developed a program to provide Pharmaceutical recycling at local police stations.
  • Proposed legislation that requires retail chains to have recycling bins for plastic bags and to sell reusable bags to a small fee.
  • Created the Aldermanic intern program to provide college students with professional work experience, and the opportunity to learn city government operations from a unique perspective.
  • Introduced legislation which expanded annual mandatory ethics training to all city employees.
  • Convened the Food Desert Task Force to provide recommendations that would alleviate the disparity of grocery stores locations in the city.
  • Was instrumental in the passage of legislation that regulates restrictive covenants that are placed on property once occupied by grocery and drug stores. This new law is thought to be the first of its kind and will hasten the return of needed services to communities.

In addition to working on citywide issues, Alderman Laurino has been dedicated to neighborhood and community concerns. She has worked with Mayors Richard M. Daley and Rahm Emanuel to bring capital improvements and efficient city services to the Ward. Her list of accomplishments includes increased education funding, reduced crime, and infrastructure improvements throughout the ward.

Laurino attended St. Edward Elementary School and Alvernia High School in Chicago. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Education and Master's Degree in History at Northeastern Illinois University.

In addition to serving as the City Council’s President Pro Tempore, she is a member of the City Council Committees on Budget and Government Operations, Committees, Rules and Ethics, Finance, Workforce Development and Audit, and Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards.